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We all get by with a little help from our friends! 

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120 Capitol Way N

Olympia, WA 98501



Michelle is my sister and owner of Olympia Hair Company. 

She's the BEST!

Owner and my sister, Michelle Larson has carefully crafted a wonderful niche in the hair industry calling it the OHC. Nestled in downtown Olympia, you'll find a sisterhood of expert hair designers lovingly fulfilling their dreams as hair artists. Michelle has designed and build a beautiful salon with YOU in mind and it shows. Non-pretentious, down to earth, comfy and classy. She's an expert in hair herself and I can't recommend a better place for all your hair dreams.

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Amy Hill, Keller Williams, Realtor, Olympia, WA

Amy Hill Realtor KW

(M) 360-790-7234

[email protected]

Meet my cousin Amy!

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Amy Hill, Keller Williams, Realtor, Olympia, WA

Renee Barnes Owner of 2nd Avenue Salon & Spa

The 2nd Avenue Salon & Spa was established in 2010.

 A vision conceptualized by owner & Master Stylist, Renee Barnes.

Here, she's comprised a group of individual business owners, expert hair & spa specialists,

who have come together to create the best experience around.

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Oakes & Alder, Tacoma, WA

Jill Miller Skin Care

Jill is my personal Esthetician and friend. I refer guests to her often when I can't get them in to see me. 

I trust her absolutely.



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Oakes & Alder, Tacoma, WA

Jessica Robinson at Oakes & Alder Spa/Tacoma

2714 N 21st St, Tacoma, WA 98406


(978) 204-7418

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Leah Hill


My  sweet friend. She's sold my condo for me in Seattle and has helped countless friends find and sell homes. 

Direct: (206) 852-7634

Office: (206) 448-6400

[email protected]


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Lisa Kirk, Massage Therapist

Lisa Kirk Licensed Massage Therapist

Call to schedule 360-888-6415

If you want to go to heaven for 60 or 90 minutes, look no further.

More about massage with Lisa, Click Here


Jesseca Smith with Vacation Pet Services

Serving Tumwater & Olympia Area



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