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Jesseca M Smith Esthetics/ OLY GIRLBOSS

Jesseca M Smith, President JMSE & Jesseca M Smith Esthetics

"I'm just a woman working to empower other women/humans 

one facial at a time"

Elevate your skin routine and you will love your skin.

Esthetician, Author, Mentor, Educator, Artist & Natural Cosmetics Manufacturer.

"Do what you love & Love what you do!"

Why see me? I have 27 years in the industry, 15 years as a licensed Esthetician, 18 years as a REIKI Master, 19 years experience in natural cosmetics chemistry and am a practicing student educator. I'm an artist, birth mom, step mom, fur baby momma, wife, aunt, and love to share tid-bits of knowledge of this industry along the way.

With a culmination of years and passion in the industry, I still truly love what I do. Let's elevate your skin!

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Fresh Face Olympia, Lexi Erwin

Meet Lexi Erwin

Lexi is a Master Esthetician who has graduated from Fosbre Academy. She has finished her apprenticeship training with JMSE and receives her license this fall. She will be joining us full time!

Welcome Lexi!

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American Spa Magazine, contacted me in May 2008, to write an article about the products I was co creating and to submit a few recipes the readers could concoct "at home" .... I believe one with Avocado and one with Oatmeal.


Seattle Magazine 2009, Seattle Magazine 2008, NW Source 2008, American Spa 2008, Lucky Magazine consecutive months 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, Texas Monthly 2005, 2006, Paper City 2003-06, VAIN 2006, Modern Luxury 2005, 

The Olympian 2001, Wimberley View 2014, Hays County Press 2015, The Society Diaries 2016, San Antonio Woman February 2016, San Antonio Woman November/December issue 16'.

About my background

How did I get started?

My experience in skincare dates back to 1992, in Olympia, WA-my hometown, when I worked as a cosmetics consultant and makeup artist for a major beauty retailer. After that, I had the opportunity to work with a cosmetics chemist and co-create products for a natural beauty product line that sold in over 3,000 stores nationwide such as Nordstrom, Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Anthropologie. My goals gradually shifted from strictly wholesaling products to opening a Day Spa & Boutique — a concept that came to fruition in Dallas, TX

with my sweet Day Spa Avocado Tree,

eventually called Apothecurious, Fresh Spa & Boutique…

Approached by many larger box stores to buy-out our concept, we eventually sold the business in 2008.

Since then, I've had further experience as a Body Care Manufacturer and Spa & Boutique Owner before eventually becoming a NIC board Licensed Esthetician. Operating first in Dallas and later in Seattle, my spas were repeatedly written up by the press* in glowing reviews and even voted “Best Facial in Town.” (See 'Fresh Face Seattle)

It was an amazing experience.

During this time, I discovered my love for mentoring and apprenticing budding Estheticians.

Through this process and as the culmination of my years in this business, I've grown to understand the importance of possessing a strong knowledge of ingredients, including their imperative freshness and effectiveness on our skin.

Now I bring my years of experience and love for the business to one guest (and apprentice) at a time and students in a classroom setting, and finally by sharing my knowledge and education with you, one face at a time. Jesseca M Smith Esthetics ELITE Resource Guide out fall 2019.

Still loving what I do. 

"I look forward to having you as my guest."


Jesseca M Smith Esthetics

About my background ....


This was one of my sweet office spaces outside Austin, TX. I had for a while just before a devastating flood changed my professional course and had to move cities. The town suffered tremendous loss but came together "Wimberley Strong". I love that little city.

 Learn more here: 

(this article was written about our personal experience of the 500 year flood) 

(this video shows the cabin where we lived, our neighbors and the 400 homes washed to slabs. And the families and children too 13 persons total perished that night. Blanco River Flood, Memorial Weekend, 2015.)

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Reiki Training Level I, II & Master 2001 & 2002

Member Permanent Cosmetics Society

Certified Cryoclear Specialist

3D Brow Restoration Certified

Advanced Esthetics Training 2005,2006,2007,2008,2010,2012,2015,2016,2017,2018

Blood Born For Body Art Certificate #149218029578052

Permanent Cosmetics Operator # 6178

Esthetician Operator #72537

Salon Shop #53235

Other Education:

Intermediate Veterinarian Technician Training 2016

Pet Groomer Certificate 2017

Pet Hygienist Certificate 2017